Work With Our Digital Team to Build a Custom, Online Company Store.


Your Online Store Will Include: 

  • Your custom branded homepage
  • Product selection to meet your needs
  • Easy-to-remember, unique web address
  • Personal credit card or payment plan

For more information on creating a customized store for your company, call us at 920-720-3433.

Customer Online Stores

  • Employee creates an account using a company access code
  • Access codes can be assigned by employee role within the organization
  • Access code determines the
    • Products
    • Product colors
    • Prices
    • Employee allowance
    • Discounts
    • Available company logos
    • New employee indicator

Allowances & Payments

  • Employee can pay for items using
    • Allowance deduction
    • Gift cards
    • Payroll deduction
    • Credit card
  • Employee receives a receipt of order
    • Company has the option to receive a copy of all employee orders
  • Product coupons can be applied to orders
  • Company can be set up to pay a percent of the employee’s order
  • Tax Exemption: Company payment is tax exempt, employee allowance is tax exempt only if the product is paid in full using the allowance
  • Billing sent to corporate or divided out to each company location

Product Detail

  • Up to 3 logos can be specified per item
  • Name and Initials can be specified along with their respective locations
  • Company can specify acceptable colors and logo/color combinations
  • Price of item reflects the cost to the employee (list price—discounts—company payment)
  • Try it on first feature
  • “Just for fun” items require full payment by employee
  • Inventoried items can be created by Gunderson which show the available on hand quantity to the employee


  • To company locations
  • Pick up at Gunderson
  • To employee-specified address (charged and shipped using UPS)
  • Flat rate shipping option available

*Please note all sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

Online Company Store Examples: