Your Special Day Is An Unforgettable Dress

Each year, more than 300 brides trust their dresses to Gunderson. Trust your cherished items to the experts. Gunderson’s team will care for your dresses, tuxedos and formal wear.  We will spot-treat (when necessary), clean, finish, and preserve your garments beautifully.


Clean & Preserve Your Treasures:

  • Wedding Dresses
  • Formal Wear
  • Tuxedos
  • Suits
  • Christening/Baptismal Gowns
  • First Communion Dresses
  • Quinceñaera Gowns
  • Prom Dresses


Why Clean & Preserve?

When it comes to preserving your special dress, wedding dress boxes are always the preferred method. Wedding dress storage boxes are excellent in preventing unnecessary stretching and fading that occurs over the years. It also helps prevent oxidation.

What is oxidation? It is the slow reaction to the sugar component of a stain with the oxygen in the air. Over time, the untreated stain will yellow and in extreme cases, turn brown. Oxidation is the same chemical reaction that causes a partially eaten apple to brown when left out on the counter.

The primary consideration for brides is how will the shoulder area fare when not preserved. Wedding dress designs tend to stretch in the shoulder areas with time, so it’s recommended that wedding dress preservation be done within a 2 year period.

Wedding Dress Preservation Options:

wedding dress preservation bag

Muslin Wedding Dress Preservation Bag

Muslin bags are a great option for protecting your wedding dress, however we do highly recommend a wedding dress preservation box for long term storage. Muslin (100% acid-free) is made from cotton, and most wedding dress muslin bags are of archival quality. Museums around the world choose to use muslin to store garments because it is breathable and non-acidic.

wedding dress preservation box

Muslin Wedding Dress Preservation Box

We have every size box needed for all your treasures including wedding, christening gowns, First Communion attire, quilts, furs, costumes, uniforms, and much more. All materials used for the preservation of your gown are the same as those used by museums to preserve textiles. Our museum quality wedding box was designed for proper storage of your wedding dress for decades and is the safest alternative to protect your investment in the future. Your wedding dress will be safely packed using acid free tissue and muslin.

professional wedding dress cleaning and preservationwedding dress preservationwedding dress cleaning